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Chartis releases survey for St. Peter's health equity impact assessment.


CLOSES ON 8/28 - please fill out ASAP!

Scroll down for link.

Chartis was recently hired by Trinity Health/St. Peter’s Health Partners (SPHP) to complete their Health Equity Impact Assessment which is required by the New York State Department Health (NYSDOH). Trinity Health/SPHP is paying Chartis to complete this assessment.

Chartis may or may not use your survey information as part of the report they will send to NYSDOH except Question #10 on the survey. Your statement, which is limited to 250 words, must be submitted to NYSDOH.

We advise members of the community who choose to fill out the Chartis survey to do the following:

1. Be explicit in your responses about the seriousness of the Burdett Birth Center closure and the impact it will have on you and on the following communities. Be sure to share if you identify as any of these:

- Women and LGBTQIA+ people

- Racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants

- People with low incomes and those who are enrolled in Medicaid or are uninsured

- People with disabilities

- Rural residents

2. Advise Trinity Health/SPHP to host a forum to meaningfully engage with the public impacted by the proposed closure.

3. Please fill out Question #10! Again, this question must be submitted, in its entirety to NYSDOH as part of the Health Equity Impact Assessment.

Thank you to the community for continuing to support the Burdett Birth Center. Your stories, passion and commitment is truly appreciated.

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