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SBBC Community Led Health Equity Impact Assessment 

St. Peter's Health Partners submitted plans to close Burdett Birth Center two days before a state law requiring a study on a closure's impact on medically underserved communities took effect. Under mounting public pressure, St. Peter's voluntarily agreed to hire an independent consulting firm, Chartis, to conduct an assessment. The survey Chartis used for their assessment fell short of the expectations our community had for examining an equity impact. It was confusing, not widely publicized, and only available for a short time. It originally didn't ask important demographic information that would be needed to determine equity. In response to these shortcomings, the Save Burdett Birth Center Coalition conducted its own Health Equity Impact Assessment and submitted it to the NYSDOH. We have posted both the Chartis assessment and our own for your consideration. 

The SBBC Health Equity Impact Assessment

Chartis Health Equity Impact Assessment 

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